Our New And Improved Team

It’s been about three months since we upped our game by partnering with the stellar team at Leverich & Carr, creating one bigger, happier family based on both of our groups’ core values of teamwork, integrity, and clients first. Now that we’ve had some time to settle in and get to know each other better, we’d like to tell you a bit more about our latest journey.

So, what happened? How did this partnership come about?

Tom Carr: I had always admired BJ and Michael Adams and their brokers/agents. It seems like we ended up closing many deals together. Each time I closed a transaction with their office, it always was such a positive experience, and I was throughly impressed with the level of professionalism. The brokers always had such positive energy. Michael Adams and I started talking in February 2016 and over the next year, the dialog became more and more serious. Finally, at the beginning of 2017, we decide to move forward with a partnership.

Michael Adams: We decided we wanted to grow a little, and thought that the best way to do that was to add another location, since we were pretty full in the two we had. So, while thinking about appropriate locations as well as like-minded people, we realized that Leverich & Carr had both. We approached them, and quickly learned that we had much more in common than we’d realized. Essentially, we had extremely compatible cultures, which we think is the most important ingredient for any partnership, and the most often overlooked. We began meeting regularly to develop a partnership arrangement, and in a short time, that compatibility just brought out all the best parts of us, the best ideas, and ultimately gave us the commitment we all needed.

Who are the new guys?

new Aspen office July 2017Tom: Leverich & Carr was a small office with an excellent location in downtown Aspen (which we’ve kept as the third Berkshire Hathaway local office). Chris Leverich has been in Aspen since the ’70s and is a seasoned veteran in the real estate market. I’ve been in the business for about 20 years and am a consistent producer. Chris and I had a team of 10 people. We enjoy our work and are very close.

Michael: Following one of our guiding principles, we checked with everyone in the company for their assessment of Chris and Tom, and from the start everyone endorsed not just them, but all the other people on their team. That kind of endorsement creates a framework of trust that has been the cornerstone of our company for 23 years, and as simple as that can sound, it’s not so easy to create, especially in the often hyper-competitive world of sales. These guys are genuine examples of impeccable integrity.

You’ve both been independent for a long time, and now this (not too long after the partnership with Berkshire Hathaway). What does it mean?

Tom: I’m excited to be part of a larger team and what Berkshire Hathaway has to offer our clients. I feel that by teaming up with Berkshire Hathaway, and specifically with Michael and BJ Adams, we are now able to provide better value to our clients. I expect our broker production to increase with all of the services that BHHS Aspen Snowmass offers. After several meetings with Michael and BJ, we knew that this was the right fit.

Michael: Well, we’re still independent … we just have the power of an international brand behind us. The brand is new to the real estate industry, but has combined the expertise and experience of two Berkshire Hathaway companies – Prudential Real Estate and Home Services of America – with the financial strength and incomparable reputation of Berkshire Hathaway. No other real estate network has this power, and they’ve grown in just three years to dwarf most of their competitors, like Sotheby’s. We knew from the start that they were destined to be a force in our industry, and it was an easy decision to accept their invitation to join them. That same thinking was one more advantage for Chris and Tom when we approached them. It’s a way to participate in the rise of franchised real estate networks while preserving our independent qualities and control, and maximizing our branding power.

What does the future hold?

Tom: There’s no holding us back. With three offices in Aspen and Snowmass and a larger team that works together, I feel that the quality of our work will be at top form. I expect the future to hold lots of sales, fun stories, and good times!

Michael: It’s limitless. The networking now available to us has already created substantial increases in visibility, resources, and results, and it’s really just beginning. Berkshire Hathaway’s carefully developed and purposefully executed penetration of the international market will markedly improve our domestic market as well, and we’ll be able to participate in that while preserving everything we love about being independent operators in a boutique environment. The Berkshire Hathaway culture is perfect for us, and there are quite a few bright stars in the valley who are gravitating toward our brand and culture as a vastly preferable option for a real estate professional.


The new members of the Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Aspen Snowmass Team, top row: Gabe Andrade, Jimmy Bain, Nancy Bryant, Tom Carr. Bottom row: Don Delise, Holly Goldstein, Chris Leverich, Nancy Stover.

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